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AffordableTowTruck.Com’s Flatbed Towing

Many towing companies rely on the use of a traditional tow truck as it is less expensive and more convenient than a flatbed. However, these do not provide the same level of protection and safety as a flatbed tow truck, resulting in possible damage or wear and tear while it is being transported.

As one of the most trusted flatbed companies, we offer a safe and reliable towing service that is guaranteed to transport your vehicle as though it was never touched. Our operators are trained regularly, and we are always updating our protocols in order to serve you better. Call us today at (504) 428-6211 to find out more about our flatbed service.

Flatbed Towing With AffordableTowTruck.Com

When choosing the best option to transport your vehicle, a flatbed tow service can be a great choice. An optimal solution for a hassle-free towing experience, you are guaranteed satisfaction when using our flatbed tow service.


As the most versatile option, we are able to transport and load an assortment of vehicles. Whether you have a luxury car, SUV, motorcycle or van, flatbed tow trucks can get the job done. It is also possible to load more than one vehicle at a time, making it cost-effective and convenient.


The safety elements apply to both the vehicle being towed and the vehicles surrounding the truck on the road. As the vehicle is safely positioned and tied to the flatbed, this does not compromise any risk or limitations. When transporting special cars which require unique care, this type of towing can be extremely useful.

The Most Efficient Flatbed Service

Our flatbed service can be a time saver, especially when the vehicle is able to be driven. When this is not an option, a winch is easily secured to the vehicle to pull it onto the flatbed surface. This technique is non-invasive and effortlessly manipulated. If your vehicle has been damaged in an accident, it can also be easily loaded onto a flatbed tow truck when other types of traditional tow trucks just won’t do.

A Prompt Response in Emergency Situations

We value your time and you shouldn’t have to wait hours for a tow truck to arrive. When you are in urgent need of transporting your vehicle, you can rest assured that we will do our very best to arrive as quickly as possible. Our team of professional operators works 24 hours a day in order to better serve you. Our extensive knowledge of different models and types of vehicles combined with our expertise operating flatbed tow trucks enable us to offer a fast and reliable towing service.

Contact Us Now for Reliable Flatbed Towing

We understand the stress and effort that goes along with transporting a vehicle. Our professional operators make it their priority to ensure a positive experience and that the process runs smoothly. Our realistic and honest quotes guarantee no surprises at the time of your towing without any hidden fees. The safety of your vehicle is important to us and our strict protocols ensure quality standards throughout the entire transportation.

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